Appliances rental propertiesScenario – you own a property and you wish to rent it out.

It’s a fact of life that eventually most appliances will break down or cease to perform properly.

As an investor, you would appreciate that it is your responsibility to ensure that all fixtures, fitting and appliances are maintained properly. And it’s the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that these items are kept clean and to report any issues as they may occur.

It is a requirement of the tenancy that if the items form part of the tenancy agreement, that they be repaired or replaced as required. On some occasions, investors have requested that the appliance be removed from the premises and not be replaced.

The tenant has a legal right to have full use of all appliances that form part of the tenancy agreement.. If you don’t wish to replace the faulty appliance (and the tenant agrees in writing) you may be required to pay the tenant compensation for the loss of the same item.

The core message is that you are required to be proactive and budget for in advance for these types of occurrences, unexpected events and costs. You might also wish to consider renting the appliances for the property, which is a tax deduction and you then don’t need to worry about the maintenance, repair or replacement of the items.

Bernie Tynes
Marketing Manager
Infinity Property Agents – Sydney


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Infinity Property Agents manage the sale, property management, leasing, valuations, cleaning of properties in East: Maroubra ,Kingsford and Kensington Lower North: Mosman, Neutral Bay, Crows Nest and North Sydney Inner City : Alexandria, Waterloo, Zetland and Rosebery As an independent property management company, we offer a more personalised service, with over 400 happy clients and a dedicated team of property professionals with expertise of over 20 years experience in the local property market. We are always on the look out for talented agents and welcome contact via our website at
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